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Yet Another Benefit of Live Music…

28 Sep

We’ve already established some of the ways live music benefits our society, but did you know it also benefits our economy? A study commissioned by APRA|AMCOS in conjunction with the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Victoria, Arts NSW and Live Performance Australia in 2011 found that in 2009/10, the Australian live music industry contributed $1.21 billion into the national economy. The findings were based on surveys completed by live music venues including hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs.

The study also raised some interesting points that outlined just how much of an impact your regular attendance to live music can be. For example, the $1.21 billion that was generated during the 2009/10 financial year was “driven by patron expenditure on live music performances which included ticket sales to live performances as well as food and drink.” (APRA|AMCOS, 2011).

Some other key points of the study included that “the venue-based live music industry supports employment of over 14, 800 full time equivalent positions” (APRA|AMCOS, 2011)and that New South Wales was the largest contributor to the venue-based live music industry at 32% of the industry’s output. With statistics like these, imagine the impact Sydney alone could have on the Australian economy through higher patronage towards the live music scene!

Just another reason why live music matters.