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Could Some Freebies or Foreigners Tempt You?

2 Oct

Another great idea inspired by discussion: offering freebies for attendance to live performances. Usually an offering of free food is quite enticing for students. What do you suggest would be a good affordable freebie for venues to offer patrons?

On a less costly note for venues, encouraging young backpackers to visit regularly could also help out the scene. While casually talking with some friends about particular venues, it was mentioned by one and agreed upon by the rest that “when the backpackers stopped coming, that’s when I lost interest”. It seems that the opportunity for short-term intimacy is also a highly tempting reason to visit particular venues. What are your thoughts and experiences?


Creating a Live Music Hub for Sydney

29 Sep

It has come to my attention through a discussion with fellow live music scene campaigners Nightfusion that based on the statistics I mentioned in an earlier post, Sydney doesn’t yet have a large enough hub for live music. It could be possible to focus on popular areas for live music as a starting point in forming this major hub. So, with this in mind, I set out to find what Sydney’s top ten live music venues currently are. However, the most recent list I found came from a post by Trish Roberts of Concrete Playground, written in 2011, which named their top ten live music venues that year as:

  1. The Enmore (Enmore)
  2. The Red Rattler (Marrickville)
  3. The Annandale Hotel (Annandale)
  4. Goodgod (Sydney)
  5. 505 (Surry Hills)
  6. The Vanguard (Newtown)
  7. The Factory Theatre (Marrickville)
  8. The Lansdowne (Sydney)
  9. Black Wire Records (Annandale)
  10. Oxford Art Factory (Darlinghurst)

What do you guys think? Do you agree with this or are there other venues that you believe were perhaps more popular last year? What venues would you suggest have made the top ten this year?

Thanks, MusicNSW!

27 Sep

Source: MusicNSW (

While traversing through the internet in search of information that would help Project Bottle-Top, I discovered a campaign run by MusicNSW from 2006-2009 titled ‘Protecting Live Music’. The campaign focused on live music venues and managed to influence a number of changes to relevant NSW Government regulations, which from October 2009 were:

  • Place of Public Entertainment (POPE) licences are no longer needed – venues can have live entertainment as part of their main business without the need for separate approval
  • Entertainment is now defined as part of normal activities at pubs, restaurants and clubs during the week and on weekends.
  • For new venues, live entertainment matters will be considered as part of the development application
  • There will be a range of measures to protect neighbourhood amenity, which are administered by the police, councils and the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.

These are incredible achievements for one campaign and is a true inspiration for GIGS while in the dawn of our first phase ‘Project Bottle-Top’. Thanks, MusicNSW, for helping to further facilitate and improve Sydney’s Live Music Scene. We can only hope ‘Project Bottle-Top’ is this successful in discovering and understanding current trends amongst Sydney venues’ patrons.