Welcome to GIGS!

4 Sep

GIGS (Get Into Gigs Sydney) is all about re-building Sydney’s interest in the live music scene. With the decline in Sydney’s veteran live music venues (e.g. Hopetoun, Annandale, Gaelic and more) over the past five years, it is evident that there is currently not enough interest in live music within Sydney.

Some of you may be aware of similar campaigns such as the Save Live Australian Music (SLAM) rally each year (also known as SLAM Day). GIGS shows its utmost support for these campaigns and would be more than happy to collaborate with them, but what sets GIGS apart from other “support live music” campaigns is its focus on getting Sydney’s locals to attend live music events for something more than one-off charity to struggling musicians – because it’s not just the musicians that suffer with a declining live music scene, we do too!

The current state of Sydney nightlife entertainment fails to meet social needs in a number of ways:

1. We are getting fewer options and consequentially having less diverse experiences.

2. It increases the lack of diversity within Sydney’s social identity. We as Australians preach an accepting and diverse society, but how is this achieved with the repression of this lifestyle, culture and community in favour of a currently mainstream form of youth entertainment like nightclubbing.

3. Live music venues showcase our country’s talent and music culture, and Sydney is becoming more and more detached and robotic by repressing or ignoring it.

Saving Sydney’s live music scene means we all have to want to attend live music events regularly for the benefits of entertainment, socialising and experience and not just to show support every now and then.


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